Notable Acacians


Gary Patterson, Kansas State '80 - Head Football Coach, TCU (Current), [Read more]

Frank Allen, Indiana '56 - Indiana University Athletic Director [Read more]

Dee Andros, Oklahoma '48 - Head Football Coach and Athletic Director, Oregon State University, [Read more]

Jack Van Bebber, Oklahoma State '31 - Gold Medal-winning Olympic Wrestler, [Read more]

Chester L. Brewer, Missouri '11 - Head Football Coach at Missouri and Michigan State, Missouri Athletic Director, [Read more]

Thomas E. Jones, Wisconsin '13 - Hall of Fame Track Coach, [Read more]

John L. Griffith, Illinois '21 - Commissioner of the Big Ten Conference, [Read more]

Edwin Weir, Nebraska '25 - Hall of Fame College Football Player, [Read more]

Addison "Kayo" Exum Warren, North Carolina '27 - Professional and Collegiate Boxer, [Read more]

Calvin Griffith, George Washington '33 - Owner of Washington Senators and Minnesota Twins, [Read more]

Arthur L. Valpey, Michigan '36 - Head Football Coach at Harvard and Connecticut, [Read more]

Thomas "Tommy" James, Ohio State '42 - Professional Football Player, Cleveland Browns, [Read more]

Donald "Gene" Conley, Washington State '49 - Professional Baseball Player and Basketball Player, [Read more]

Roger Nelson, Oklahoma '51 - Canadian Football Hall of Fame, [Read more]

Richared "Dick" Farley, Indiana '51 - Star Indiana Basketball player for the 1953 National Championship team, NBA player, [Read more]

David "Wes" Santee, Kansas '52 - Olympic Runner, NCAA Cross Country Champion, World Record Setter, [Read more]

Clive A. Follmer, Illinois '53 - 1953 Big Ten Athlete of the Year, Professional Baseball Player

Paul Coward, Purdue '56 - All-American Soccer Player, [Read more]

Ron Fairly, Southern California '57 - Professional Baseball Player and Broadcaster, [Read more]

Tony Crosby, Texas '63 - Star Kicker/Halfback for UT's 1963 National Championship Football Team, [Read more]

Bobb McKittrick, Oregon State '55 - Former San Francisco 49'ers line coach, [Read more]

Politics and Government

Conrad G. Selvig, Minnesota '06 - U.S. Congressman, Minnesota, [Read more]

Harry "Skillet" Leslie, Purdue '07 - Governor of Indiana, [Read more]

William Jennings Bryan, Nebraska '08 - Secretary of State (President Woodrow Wilson), Orator, [Read more]

Clarence M. Young, Yale '10 - Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Aeronautics (President Herbert Hoover), [Read more]

William Howard Taft, Yale '13 - 27th President of the United States of America, [Read more]

Paul V. McNutt, Harvard '14 - Governor of Indiana, [Read more]

David Sholtz, Yale '14 - Governor of Florida, [Read more]

Arthur Capper, Kansas State '16 - Governor and U.S. Senator, Kansas, [Read more]

Wilburn Cartwright, Oklahoma '20 - U.S. Congressman, Oklahoma, [Read more]

Francis H. Case, Northwestern '23 - U.S. Congressman, South Dakota, [Read more]

Wendell Berge, Nebraska '24 - U.S. Assistant Attorney General, [Read more]

Ralph Yarborough, Texas '26 - U.S. Senator, Texas, [Read more]

Ovie Clark Fisher, Nebraska '27 - U.S. Congressman, Texas, [Read more]

John Moore Allison, Oklahoma '20 - Diplomat, Ambassador to Japan, Assistant Secretary of State (President Harry Truman), [Read more]

William G. Bray, Indiana '27 - U.S. Congressman, Indiana, [Read more]

Homer Thornberry, Texas '30 - U.S. Congressman, Texas, [Read more]

J. Edward Hutchinson, Michigan '33 - U.S. Congressman, Michigan, [Read more]

Frank Carlson, Kansas State '48 - U.S. Congressman, U.S. Senator, Governor of Kansas, [Read more]

Homer E. Capehart, Indiana '59 - U.S. Senator, Indiana, [Read more]

Stephen ‘Steve’ Scalise, Louisiana State '86 - U.S. Congressman, Louisiana, [Read more]

James ‘Jim’ Watson, Carleton '99 - Member of Provincial Parliament (Minister), Canada, [Read more]

Frank P. Briggs, Missouri '59 - U.S. Senator, Missouri, [Read more]

George T. Abed, Oregon State '60 - IMF Director for Economic Development, Governor of the Palestine Monetary Authority, [Read more]


Herbert A. Kern, Minnesota '14 - Founder Chicago Chemical Company (later changed to Nalco), [Read more]

Lewis H. Wentz, Oklahoma '27 - Oil Businessman and Philanthropist, [Read more]

J. Dennis Bassett, Kansas State '56 - President, Worldwide Poultry/Cargill Co.

Robert Pfahl, Cornell '58 - VP of iNEML, Recipient of Electronic Goes Green Award, [Read more]

Edgar H. Grubb, Penn State '59 - Executive VP and CFO, Transamerica Corp., [Read more]

Leonard "Lee" Kearney, Oregon State '59 - Senior Executive, Peter Kiewit Sons’ Construction, [Read more]

David Baum, Indiana '61 - President, SSI Technologies Inc.

Dennis Chookaszizn, Northwestern '62 - Chairman & CEO, CAN Insurance Companies, [Read more]

Kriss Cloninger III, Texas '66 - President & CFO, Aflac, [Read more]

John F. Hoffner, Purdue '66 - Executive VP and CFO, Jack in the Box Inc., [Read more]

Edward S. Knight, Texas '71 - Executive VP & General Counsel, NASDAQ Stock Market, Inc., [Read more]

William H. Strong, Purdue '71 - Vice Chairman, Morgan Stanley

Andy Westlund, Oregon State '71 - VP of Global Logistics,

Ronald Kase, Purdue '78 - Venture Capitalist, NEA, [Read more]

Cameron G. Herold, Carleton '88 - Former COO of 1-800-GOT-JUNK, [Read more]

Higher Education

Albert B. Storms, Iowa State '09 - President, Iowa State University, [Read more]

Walter Williams, Missouri '09 - President, University of Missouri; Founder of Missouri School of Journalism, [Read more]

Arthur Simeon Watts, Ohio State '11 - Educator, Namesake of Watts Hall at Ohio State

Roscoe Pound, Nebraska '05, Harvard '13 - Educator, Legal Scholar, [Read more]

Leland David Bushnell, Kansas State '13 - Educator, Namesake of Bushnell Hall at KSU

Audrey A. Potter, Kansas State '20 - Engineering Educator, Namesake of buildings at Purdue and Purdue-Calumet, [Read more]

Ernest H. Hahne, Nebraska '21 - President of University of Miami(Ohio), Namesake of Hahne Hall

Bland L. Stradley, Ohio State '21 - Educator, Namesake of Stradley Hall at Ohio State, [Read more]

Raymond A. Pearson, Iowa State '24 - President, Iowa State University, [Read more]

Stratton D. Brooks, Missouri ‘25 - President of University of Oklahoma (1912) and University of Missouri (1923), [Read more]

Samuel Justus McKinley, Harvard '28 - President of Emerson College, Boston

Burton W. Gorman, Indiana '30 - Educator, Namesake of Burton W. Gorman Teaching Award, [Read more]

William L. Henning, Wisconsin '31 - Educator, Namesake of Henning Hall at Penn State

Charles E. MacQuigg, Cornell '35 - Educator, Namesake of MacQuigg Hall dedicated at Ohio State, [Read more]

Robert E. Vivian, Southern California '47 - Educator, Namesake of Vivian Hall at USC, [Read more]

Claude R Sowle, Northwestern '47 - President of Ohio University, [Read more]

L. Dennis Smith, Indiana '56 - President Emeritus, University of Nebraska, [Read more]

Ken Schwab, Purdue '66 - President, Centenary College, [Read more]


William R. Durand, Stanford '04 - NASA Pioneer, [Read more]

Wallace E. Pratt, Kansas '07 - Pioneer in Petroleum Field, [Read more]

Wheeler P. Davey, Penn State '10 - X-ray Pioneer, Namesake of Davey Lab at Penn State, [Read more]

F. Alexander Wetmore, Kansas '12 - World-renowned Ornithologist, [Read more]

Karl M. Dallenbach, Cornell '13 - Internationally Renowned Psychologist, [Read more]

Emmett B Carmichael, Colorado '18 - Renowed Chemist, [Read more]

Harold E. Edgerton, Nebraska '24 - Pioneer in Photography (Electric Flash), [Read more]

Lloyd Berkner, Minnesota '26 - Physicist, [Read more]

Theodore P. Hall, Syracuse '27 - Pioneer in Airplane Design, [Read more]

James E. Webb, North Carolina '27 - Second Administrator of NASA, Namesake of James Webb Space Telescope, [Read more]

Jack Kilby, Illinois '42 - Nobel Prize Laureate in Physics, Invented the Integrated Circuit, [Read more]

Laurence Snyder, Oklahoma '49 - Pioneer in Genetics, [Read more]

David Fischell, Cornell '72 - Bio-medical Engineer, Inventor of the heart-stent, [Read more]

Jerry F. Franklin, Oregon State '58 - One of the nation's most respected forest management experts, [Read more]

Arts and Entertainment

Arthur H. Carhart, Iowa State '16 - Early Conservationist and Author, [Read more]

Edward Everett Dale, Harvard '17 - Historian and Writer, [Read more]

John Mel Hickerson, Iowa '20 - Author, [Read more]

Paul E. Barr, Indiana '28 - Artist and Painter, [Read more]

Harry H. Lunn, Michigan '51 - Photographer and Collector, [Read more]

James "Jim" Hamil, Kansas '58 - Artist and Painter, [Read more]

Philip Bobbitt, Texas '65 - Author and Constitutional Theorist, [Read more]

Scott Houston, Indiana '80 - Public Television Personality, Public Speaker, known as "Piano Guy", [Read more]

Ed Ulbrich, Illinois '84 - Film Visual Effects Producer (The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Fight Club), [Read more]


W. Elmer Ekblaw, Illinois '07 - Originator of "Homecoming", [Read more]

Hiram Bingham III, Yale '15 - Explorer, Re-discovered Machu Picchu; U.S. Senator, Connecticut, [Read more]

Harold L. "Tom" Sebring, Kansas State '20 - Judge for Nuremberg Trials, Head Football Coach University of Florida, [Read more]

David P. Osborne, Penn State '35 - Naval Surgeon, Performed the JFK autopsy, [Read more]

Clifton Hillegass, Nebraska '38 - Creator of CliffsNotes, [Read more]

Frank S. Land, Missouri, '59 - Founder of the Order of DeMolay, [Read more]